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Benjamin Juchau 145x180

Property Manager
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Benjamin Juchau is a property manager at DRK and Company Realty.

Prior to joining the DRK team, Benjamin served as property manager for Ardent Communities in the Columbus area. He proficiently managed THE GRIFF; a large scale student housing project new to the Columbus market. He maintained over 90% occupancy for the first year and successfully reached over 95% pre-leased for the second year. He applied superior customer service, while working with new residents and contractors. Benjamin was also able to maintain a strict discipline in marketing, collecting rental payments and approving payables assisting in the overall success of the project.

Prior to joining Ardent, he was employed as an assistant facilities manager at NorthPoint Apartments in Rexburg, Idaho. He assisted in the construction of the community, working closely with subcontractors and OSHA safety as well as helping the developer maintain a timely construction schedule. Benjamin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in sociology from Brigham Young University – Idaho.



Property Manager
E-mail Clarissa Dean

As property manager, Clarissa Dean coordinates property management and compliance at DRK – including lease setup and commencement and lease compliance monitoring. Her list of property management duties include supporting the team with RFPs, budgeting, CAM recommendations, collections, expense control and contracting. But wait there’s more – Clarissa also assists with tenant improvement and capital expenditure projects such as bidding, contracting and project management.

Prior to arriving at DRK, Clarissa amassed significant experience in property management and leasing in the Columbus area. She served as assistant property manager for Nationwide Realty Investors, where she was tasked with managing renewals and delinquencies for a 252- unit property. She also served that company as a leasing consultant, responsible for cross selling and upselling within NRI’s portfolio. She also provided tours to potential residents and followed up on leads and executed lease signings.

Clarissa was also a Columbus Touring Ambassador from 2016-2018.

Christine sweat


Property Manager
E-mail Christine Sweat

As property manager at DRK, Christine Sweat serves the company in a substantial number of operations. Not only does she coordinate property management and compliance – including lease setup and commencement and lease compliance monitoring – she also supports the property management team with CAM recommendations, RFPs, budgeting, expense control, collections, and contracting. Her property manager role also allows Christine to provide assistance with tenant improvement and capital expenditure projects such as bidding, contracting and project management.

Before joining DRK, Christine got extensive multi-family housing experience as a leasing consultant with Nationwide Realty Investors. There, she worked one-on-one with prospective residents, gaining valuable knowledge in community floorplans and amenities. She also assisted the property management team with renewals and resident retention.

Christine also developed a solid foundation of knowledge as a market analyst/internal research coordinator during her time with Bowen National Research. While there, her responsibilities included: conducting third-party market feasibility studies for syndicators and developers; traveling to markets to complete an analysis of site locations; and surveying all rentals and identified comparable properties within the market area.

Emma Lunn

Lunn2999bg8C 145x185Property Management Coordinator
E-mail Emma Lunn

As Property Management Coordinator, Emma Lunn is responsible for taking care of coordinating investment clients at DRK. She helps ensure timely resolutions to their concerns and administrative issues, answering the telephone and keeping records up-to-date and organized.

Emma also coordinates with property managers on global notices for properties throughout the northern Columbus region. Other duties include preparing lease files, notarizing lease signings and handling investor files and correspondence.

Prior to arriving at DRK, Emma worked as a commercial real estate marketing support specialist at Capitol Equities Columbus. In that role at the commercial real estate organization, she supported a team of brokers and marketing professionals with assisting tenants, scheduling and preparing contracts and other documents.

She also served the Columbus Bar Association as a client support specialist and administrative assistant.



For all your maintenance needs, please contact our maintenance team by email (click here) or by phone at 614-402-1849 for immediate assistance.

Submitting a maintenance request

It has been brought to our attention that there is some level of confusion on the proper way to submit a maintenance request. We wanted to take the time to update you and share the overall process. We ask that you send a request in writing to This email is attended Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. If the email is not an emergency, please note the request will likely be attended within 24-48 hours of receipt. The below information must be included to process the request.

  • Business Name
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Area of concern
  • Permission to access the unit

The emergency number is for EMERGENCIES ONLY after hours at 614-402-1849, please leave the following information on the voice mail: Business Name, Contact Name, Phone Number, Address and area of concern.

There are three ways to get an immediate response.

  2. After hours emergency number 614-402-1849
  3. – Contact – Contact Form – Agent/Team – select Maintenance Team in the drop-down menu

While we appreciate our property managers, they are not typically sitting at their desks. They are out facilitating property items. It is possible when sending them a personal email or calling them, you can get held up in their email. We do not want that to happen to you. We want to assure that you are directed in the proper manner immediately. By putting the maintenance request in writing, this also allows the tracking of the request to take place.

We appreciate your partnership and hope that this helps everyone.


HVAC and Rain Do Not Mix!

Reasons not to go on a roof while it's raining or storming:

  • If the rain is heavy enough, a wet ladder and flat rubber roof are immensely slippery
  • Potential for lightning

Rain tends to limit us at times to the type of diagnosis or repair we can do such as:

  • High and low voltage wiring, which don't mix well with water and can be a danger to the technician
  • Opening panels on a RTU or condenser can allow water inside of a cabinet during the rain, leading to water inside the building's ductwork
  • Allowing water to directly get into a control compartment can damage components of a system, including control boards, motors and air filters

We look to be your partner - Safely.